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Amazon and Whole Foods.  Bayer and Monsanto.  Safeway and Albertsons.  It seems like every time you open the paper two more national or multinational corporations are merging.  While mergers are great for stock prices, they can be terrible for workers.  Plant closures, store spin-offs, successor language disputes – mergers have a major impact on union members.  In order to prepare members and union leaders for the potential effects of a merger, it’s critical to conduct an analysis of potential Federal Trade Commission and Corporate actions to identify vulnerable locations.  Our merger analyses include:

  • Review of Relevant Federal Trade Commission Decisions

  • Review of Corporate Documents to Ascertain Corporate Strategy

  • Geospatial Market Modeling to Identify Vulnerable Sites

  • Contract Language Review


Union leaders need to get ahead of mergers before they go into effect by building worker and community support for protecting jobs and worker rights.

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