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Every year, healthcare providers open, close, acquire and expand healthcare facilities employing thousands of union members in Washington State.  When healthcare providers make decisions that effect workers and patients, they’re required to apply for a certificate of need (“CON”) with the Department of Health.  It’s critical for union leaders to understand the impact this will have on your members.  It’s also important that union members play an active role in the process by advocating for themselves and their patients.  Our CON support includes:

  • Analysis and Summary of the Employer's CON

  • Drafting of CON White Papers to Address Member, Patient and Worker Issues

  • Registration for Public Comment and Hearings

  • Preparation of Members and Staff for Public Hearings

Member participation in the CON process can ensure new jobs are union jobs, allow engagement with non-union employers entering the market, and provide for a patient-centric strategy as health care providers relocate, open or expand facilities.

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