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To lead successful organizing and bargaining campaigns, union leaders require an accurate picture of the companies they are engaging.  How profitable is the firm?  What are the biographies of key decision-makers? How many workers work for the company?  Does the firm violate labor, safety or environmental laws?  What kind of legal issues is it facing? Where is this firm expanding to next?  Have workers tried to organize in the past?


We create comprehensive company profiles covering a wide range of important areas that will provide union leaders with the information they need to win.  Our company profiles include:

  • Company History

  • Financial Analysis

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Leadership Profile

  • Executive Compensation

  • Locations

  • Environmental and Safety Record

  • Labor Issues and Organizing History

  • Legal Issues

  • Political Donations and Priorities

Company profiles allow union organizers, bargainers, communicators and leadership to develop a powerful strategy and message that will resonate with workers, community members and political allies.

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