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A tiny percentage change in proposed wages, health benefits or retirement funds can translate into millions of dollars for members.  Creating an accurate and customizable costing model gives bargainers and leadership the information they need to propose strong gains for workers, and adapt to changing bargaining conditions.  Our costing models include:

  • Baseline vs Proposed Contract Total and Annual Costs

  • Costing of Overtime, Vacation, Sick, Personal and Premium Hours

  • Customizable Modeling Allowing for Instantaneous Updates

  • Contract Gains Broken Down by Job Class, Seniority and Gender

  • Health Plan Costing

  • Pension to Defined Contribution Valuation

Whether you’re bargaining a straight-forward contract for a small unit, or a complex contract covering dozens of job classes and thousands of workers, accurate contract costing is essential for winning a great contract for members.

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